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will call on the superintendent for the awards. >> thank you, president yee. superintendent carranza: welcome to our meeting, president yee. i would like to welcome some to present our distinguished award recipient. >> good evening, everyone. it is my great pleasure -- pleasure to announce the distinguished award recipient, ms. amy yu. ms. yu is a first grade immersion teacher and was nominated by a parent at our school for her dedication to students and positive support of her colleagues, and she goes above and beyond to assure alders students learn in a meaningful way. she is affirming, funny, and innovative in your work with children. throughout the school year, she individualizes the instruction for each learner. and an example is she strategically balances things with learning in mind. at the kidneys immersion program, they often have a native speaker in the language, bilingual, and english only. by encouraging learning from others, in addition to her support, the students get a sense of accomplishment by helping each other. her strategy is a definite win- win for everyone. her
. no corrections? thank you. ms. -- secretary: ms. fewer, ms. wynns, mr. yee. 5 ayes. commissioner: thank you. oh, you did not call the students. now, it is time for the superintendent for this evening. superintendent carranza? superintendent carranza: good evening, and i want to congratulate you on the "r's." they get better every evening. i want to congratulate all of our faculty staff, parents, and all of our schools for a smooth opening of schools. i think i had heard some parents refer to it as silky smooth. i was pleased and proud of what i saw. schools were welcoming. students were eager and ready to learn with their new backpacks and pencils, and teachers were energized and ready to go. of course, i did get to see some that were anxious about going to a new school. i did not see many kindergartners crying, but i did see a few parents. i can also relate. the first night, i rushed home that night to hear what she had to say about her first and middle school and was relieved to hear her thoughts on the day and her saying how much she liked middle school. congratulations. while everyone pitch
>> thank you. ms. fewer. ms. maufas, >> here. >> dr. >> here. >> misnorton? >>> here. >> mr. yee? >> here. >> thank you. >> please join me in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. >> what happened to the student delegates? are they here? >> all right. welcome. sprint carranza -- superintendent carranza to his first official meeting as board superintendent of the san francisco unified school district and welcome as he assumes the position of deputy superintendent. >> thank you. >> let's see. would the student delegates quickly introduce yourselves. >> ok. >> my name is min wang, a senior at lowell high school. i'm really excited to work with everyone to change school ways for the better. thank you. >> hi, jaden braswell, a senior at balboa high school, i'm the interim student delegate until we have our s.a.c. elections on september 10. president yee: ok. so here we go. we'll go right through this first meeting. we never had any su
'm the interim student delegate until we have our s.a.c. elections on september 10. president yee: ok. so here we go. we'll go right through this first meeting. we never had any summer break. approval of the board minutes approval of tonight, the superintendent's report, called to superintendent carranza. your thoughts for the evening. >> thank you, president yee, members of the board, ladies and gentlemen, members of the public. it is just a great honor for me to welcome you all back for the 2012-2013 school year. i can tell you that the district has been abuzz over the summer preparing for the school year. we have many of our teachers and para professionals and central office administrators working very hard to have a smooth and seamless start to the school year. with that in mind, i want to remind the public the first day of school is monday, august 20. yes, monday august 20th. so we should all be practicing getting to bed early and preparing for our school year and we're very, very excited to have our students join us back in our schools, adding life to the schools. we're excited tomorrow is
different from what was happening at the site, and whether or not mr. yee altered the plants, the plant at the site were altered, and dbi, after several months of trying to figure this out issued a series of stop work orders, and then we came through the process of the planning department and getting the 311 and a variance. there was a hearing of the planning commission. there was a hearing at the zoning administrator with the planning commission, and both of them, the zoning administrator and the planning commission decided the same thing, that the project that had been built was illegal, they had to go back to the project that had complied with the code. they cannot build an addition that did not comply with the code. in the front. they cannot build an addition on the front because they did not comply with code. mr. greavy is going to speak to the fact that he knew when he was there. we're asking you to uphold the zoning administrator and the planning commission. they both struggled with this case, and i will stand on my brief that you have. thank you. president hwang: thank you. >> h
hope you guys take on the responsibilities in this. thank you. president yee: thank you. so i think it -- >> can i ask a question? or do you want me to wait until they're done? >> staff, really. i just want to ask the question, it seems to me that the things that jumped out to me that we should and have an obligation to facilitate is providing transcripts to our students that need them. so we have that service. you know, i just think it needs to be made easy and facilitated so could you, you know, give us a report on what we can do to help, especially in the transcript area. >> they can't get from anybody except us. president yee: let's see. did you sign up for speaking? >> i did. president yee: what's your name? [inaudible] president yee: go ahead. >> thank you. good evening. everybody. i am gumatise dahavan, a parent of a elementary child who attend sherman elementary and represent over 50 parents who have been affected by a bus service disruption from sherman elementary to five different after-school programs. this disruption has caused many parents to consider change of school,
. president yee: let's move on to item f, public and set on consent items. -- public comment on consent items. is there a second? commissioner: 2nd. president yee: before we do that, i actually skipped a step here. there is a speaker signed up for public comments. it is either dennis or susan. >> i am not usually confused with susan, but thank you for that compliment. i would like to comment very briefly on five items that are in your packet. let me identify them by page number, starting at the back of the agenda. you have an item where there is over 21 $2,000 given to a school site given to a body that is not very well defined, that are not going to a minister programs at that school. it says that this work is contracted out to a body, so it is essentially supplanting the work of some employees, presumably administrators, but not our unit. the question is is where is the oversight on this money? there is no oversight here. the only oversight that you indicate on the agenda is that they have to complete their tasks. page 97, actually seven other pages that could be cited, you spend to leonard
president yee. ladies and gentlemen and all of our parents listening at home. i wish you a good evening. thank you for being here in the board room. just a few thoughts to share with you. we are coming upon a very special election in the next few weeks and people will have an opportunity to vote and as you're deciding on candidates and ballot measures to vote for i would like to draw your attention to proposition 30 and 38. with the understanding that if these prop propositions pass they have significant impact on funding. if neither one passes financial resources will be greatly diminished for schools in california and specifically here in san francisco. the lodge cuts include that we will be forced to shorten the school year by five days this year and nine days next year in addition to the substantial cuts that will be at school sites and for students. i want to encourage all of you to vote in the election. vote your witness but there's vote. the. >> >> schools of association or wasp as they are known in the district is accreditation process that all schools do to award diplom
. president yee: thank you, mr. kelly. now, do we have a motion and a second? yes, we do. any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendent? none? any items removed by first reading -- from first reading by the board? any member severed for a discussion tonight? vice president norton? vice president norton: w-13. president yee: it is page 67. commissioner murase? -- commissioner maufas? commissioner maufas: i would like to pull some from k, 3-7 and 19, 20, 22. president yee: k 3-7,l -- 3-7, 19, 20, and 22. do you have the numbers? any others? the roll-call vote will take place under section o. speaker cards, nine tonight, an item i, a board member proposals, nine tonight, and now we go to item j, request to speak regarding general matters. i will call your name. you can come of. ann. [applause] mark o'neal. shalissa holmes fox. andreea ross. tusik yaya julia martin. robert ruskie. karen kai. and i may have a few more, but let's start with that. two minutes each. >> good evening. my name is ed newbower. i am one of the employees were -- employed by the district. we maintain and repair pal
. i know mr. yee will be with us at the city central event at buena vista haraceman and ms. mendoza can testify it's really fun, and i wanted to let you know this year we're celebrating a big victory. walk sf has had a campaign over the last couple of years and we had success this year because san francisco is now as of this april the first city in the state to have expanded safer school zones city wide so 181 school there is are 15 miles per hours speed zones and the police are out enforcing them and will see next wednesday and that is far more than any other city in the state. the city that started this has five 15-mile an hour zones so we really -- >> [inaudible] >> yeah. exactly. and other cities are looking to san francisco now to follow our lead and so i hope you will drive carefully on walk to school day, and i hope you will consider walking instead. thank you. >> thank you very much. so if the people wanted to know which schools just in case they didn't know are participating where would they go to find out? >> they can go -- i think sf safe routes to school .org and ma
questions? okay. good. roll call please. >> thank you commissioner. yee. >> wong. >> fewer. >> maufas. >> mendoza. >> dr. murase. >> ms. wynns. >> mr. yee. >> you can notify the three they're pointed. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> okay. let's move on. consent calendar resolutions removed at previous meeting for second reading and action. none toafnlt item o vote on consent calendar and section f::::am. mendoza -- k1 and k33. thank you. roll call. >> thank you. >> on the consent calendar. ms. -- (calling roll). >> [inaudible] as part of the consent calendar and secondly the lowell exterior painting and to the group and for advocating for that and thirdly i want to congratulate facilities in this consent calendar out of the $2 million in approvals 81% are minority or women owned businesses. >> thank you. >> [inaudible] >> that was aye commissioner? norton. wynns. mr. yee. seven aye's. >> thank you. item p consent calendar resolution for board and discussion and action. k1. commissioner mendoza. >> all right thank you. so i actually pulled both of these items. surprise.
. thank you mr. yee. mr. bye. >> i completely oppose sunday and late night meters and our district. i agree with norman that it really will literally drive people out of the area and down to south city or some other area in which people want to come to this part of town for the small town experience that we have and shopping in westportal or walking around getting lunch at ocean or some place like that, but it's also speaks to something i mentioned earlier. it's another way that city hall is butting heading with residents and businesses. when residents feel threatened by the government they don't trust the government and we need less of the head butting and yes the city needs money but we can't do it on the backs of small business and the threats to residents and i completely oppose the meters on sundays and late nights. >> mr. crowley. >> in district seven i think it's necessary to dismiss this idea all together and let's not forget the holidays and they hit them as well. a one size approach doesn't fit this and i suggest the parking lots at the ball field and we do dynamic pricing
one in san francisco. i would not. >> thank you. mr. yee. >> here's the four things i would do to create jobs. number one, help the small businesses with a one stot shop approach. ocean avenue had a fire. nine businesses had a fire and the mayor came and if he could do that one time we could do that all the time and number two give taxing incentives for high-tech and these jobs and kids are graduates and we don't have the jobs and number three i would support the convention bureau in bringing tourism and we know tourism is really a big job producer in san francisco. number four, we also have lots of funding, government funding, that is supporting capital projects, and for instance 2006 we did not have local hiring for our bond measure. 2011 half a billion dollars worth of work. i want local hiring so that we pay for it. our people that live here should benefit from it. >> all right. thank you. all right. now we're going to come to the candidate's closing statements but i want to remind you if you haven't registered to vote you still have time. please urge everyone to regi
will be missed by many, especially her friends in labor relations and human resources. president yee: thank you very much. i think we are going to miss these individuals. all of us knew him. we know what he gave to the community and we will miss him. right now i want to recess our meeting. thank you very much. you are more than welcome to come back after the closed session. [laughter] president yee: excuse me, we are going to continue. [laughter] people have to get out of here. we are adjourning -- we are resuming the regular meeting. i will have two read out tonight. -- read outs tonight. the board approved a contract for one supervisor. the board approved a contract for one assistant superintendent. existing litigation in the matter of bw vs. sfusd, 2012030, the board approves a settlement of $5,000. for the closed session of august 14, 2012, there was one item, public employment. the board approved the contract of one assistant principal. so that concludes the read out of the closed session. meeting adjourned. go giants. >> welcome to the meeting. the time is 5:35 p.m. the meeting is being c
police and not around the state imposes new restrictions linda yee when drivers will the happy said is not so much. >>> caught on camera blowing through a red light and expensive find back in top $500. they say cameras don't live but for this person from san jose they get five times >>> a computer glitch center the tickets and a wide and the law does not make it easy to fight the finds mistake or not >>> technology can fail and does >>> the state senator change the rules for a law that is a victory for drivers, the new regulations make it easier to fight roughly issued tickets cities must locate the cameras based on safety prohibits the use of red light cameras just to make money require warning signs and banners snitch tickets that's when an innocent ticket recipient may not be required to identify the actual driver. the new rules won't put the brakes on red light cameras it's still considered a safety tool but now drivers will get a fair shake linda yee cbs 5 >>> if you own a car made by general motors at the fire danger that as tens of thousand cars recalled. the presidential ca
. >> thank you president yee. i want to say this data is promising and looks really great. of course we knew about the achievement gap and ten years ago and i feel like yeah the data shows that but we knew it ten years ago so the data showed the same thing and it's time to change things up and the same things you are doing you will get the same results so it's about funding but it's about how you spend your money. it's about how you prioritize your money and how you prioritize for equity in your budget? so i think it's a new day here. i firmly believe that those test scores, the most important thing about it it's a report card for our district and another really important report card is of course our graduation rates, so i think there's other things i mean it's great. our test scores are up and i want to give you a great pat on the back there staff and all the people that worked to get us there. however it is about graduation. it is about what happens for years after they graduate. that's our real test. that's our real measure and so at our last curriculum meeting we saw some som
are first before you can solve it. >> all right thank you sir. mr. yee. >> he is absolutely right. there are different categories of homeless individuals and families. i spent 20 years running an organization which we had programs in the tender loin and we actually served a lot of homeless families and many of the families what do they want? a home for the kids. they want jobs and child care. those are the things we're talking about and justifying the needs. there are many others but not the vast majority. the vast majority of the people that want to get out of the homelessness. there is a small percentage of people that were veterans which is true but what happened we got rid of mental health services and that's what happened. once we started getting rid of mental health services we saw increase of people on the street that seemed to need a lot more help. >> thank you. >> there is a wide range, a wide spectrum of the reasons people end up on the street to schizophrenia individuals to destiewt individuals and peel who are optunistic about it and have hotels or other parts of
project and i support it. >> thank you sir. mr. yee. >> here are my two criterias when it comes to housing. i believe in reasonable growth and i believe in healthy robust community process, so here we are. we just developed something in our district on ocean avenue and we had a healthy discussion around the avalon development. broke ground. no protests. people agreed on it. felix circle we had a healthy discussion and we will have additional housing there too. i was just up on crest mount drive. there is controversy over there whether this is reasonable or not and i don't think the developer who is have presented the project is reasonable, but the neighbors in seem to be reasonable because they weren't saying "don't build anything". they said "let's scale down the development somewhat" so i support those notions of reasonable growth, community process and i do support proposition c for affordable housing funds. >> thank you sir. >> well, there is some room for increased density but let's face it. this is a finite 49 square miles and that defines san francisco. i am n
>> roll call, please. thank you. >> miss norton. wynns? yee in >> here >> you may join me in the pledge of allegiance. so, i am going to be moving in a very rapid pace, because several of the commissioners will have to leave a little bit earlier today because of other things that they have to take care of. so, item a, approval of the board minutes for the regular minutes of august 8th? >> is there a motion? >> any corrections? >> roll call, please. >> mendoza. >> yes. >> norton? >> wyny. >> aye. >> 6 aye. >> item b. presentation to the board of education superintendent report. really superintendent's thoughts for the evening. superintendent richard a. carranza. >> thank you president yee and good evening to all of our parents and community. the year is in full swing. and i would like to come mend and congratulate all of our schools for continuing to provide enhanced academic experiences for our students. there are a couple of updates regarding our school district that i would like to inform our community about. first of all, i would like to give you an update for the initi
agency makes a new effort to catch fare cheats with remarkable results. linda yee on the new strategy that is producing a lot of tickets. >>> they are busy on ball game night yunis their inspectors make sure no one slips past and gets a free ride. >>> so far this year 37,000 ferried peters have meant caught in the crackdown they did not pay a $2 fare and got $100 ticket. the security chief says it is shocking to the cheaters r >>> r fair inspectors boarded the in judah there were a couple of the e.r. doctors on the trend that had not pay their fares the both that citations that is that shows you it's not just one demographic verses another. >>> inspectors have portable card readers demand proof of payment on board and on the sidewalk. >>> this is 5:00 and already almost a get a new went over there >>> during her recent two and half hour. on kiri st. they ticketed 140 cheaters writers know that hurts everyone >>> i wait 20 minutes on the sunday opposed to attend if the cheaters were paying their be more revenue and more cars running >>> ferry evaders are not new, the transit agency los
the reason for the crackdown and a strategy to stop anyone who tries to hop on without paying. linda yee on how the new program is working. >>> they are busy on paul day and night unique their inspectors make sure no one slips past and gets a free ride. so far 37,000 fare evaders have been caught in a mini crackdown they did not pay at $2 fare and got a $100 ticket. the security chief says it is shocking to the cheaters r >>> they boarded the in judah there were a couple of emergency room doctors on the train that had not paid fair to both got citations. that shows you it is not just one demographic verses another >>> their inspectors have a card reader and demand proof of payment on board and on the sidewalk. >>> this is 5:00 and already almost eight you need a new one over there >>> during a recent to a half hour. at kiri and it is a derelict they take it 140 cheaters writers know that hurts everyone >>> i'm waiting 20 minutes on a sound that if the cheaters were paying there would be more revenue and more cars running >>> ferry cheaters are not new for muni the transit agency lost as
the city linda yee shows us that is a tall order. >>> raider nation is back, the war paint goes on, and mayor jeanne quan's rallies fans to fight for their teams to stay in oakland >>> whit call this spirit week no question of the fans love their teams >>> will all this be enough? the warrior should cans with san francisco over plans to move the team here empty stands at a's games don't help, now the team pushes to build a new ballpark in san jose. only the raiders have not look for new real-estate >>> mark davis says he wants to stay in oakland >>> you don't think this is too late >>> you deal with the deck you are handed, i've always said i feel like i'm a pinch-hitter in the bottom of the ninth, we make good progress we are moving forward >>> can just keep and football games a year support a new entertainment and hotel complex >>> the mayor counts on sports fans to help >>> would do the best for our country and for the sports teams >>> why do these teams want to leave this city? >>> that fans out there but they cannot afford to go to the games >>> the mayor has helped >>> i am o
quan's reporter linda yee on your efforts to keep all three major sports teams from skipping town >>> greater nation is back. the war paint is on an mayor jeanne quan's rallies fans to fight for their sports teams to stay in oakland. >>> this is spirit week no question fans love their teens. will all this be enough the warriors shook hands with san francisco to move the team here, empty stands at a's games do not help now the team pushes to build a new ballpark in san jose. only the raiders have not look for new real-estate >>> mark davis says he wants to stay in oakland >>> you don't think this is to light >>> you deal the deck that you are handed i've always said i'm the pinch hitter at the bottom of the night were making good progress we are continuing to move forward. >>> 1010 football games a year support and new entertainment and sports complex the mayor counts on sports fans to help >>> were the best in the country >>> why two all these teams want to leave the city? >>> they have a lot of fans they cannot afford to go to the games. >>> i'm very optimistic >>> how about for
. >> commissioner fewer? commissioner fewer: thank you, president yee. i meant to say thanks for putting on this forum. i have been hosting a student for going on three years now. i will definitely tell her about this. it is true she has consulted an attorney and the attorney said it was $1,000. so i would definitely direct her to this. thanks very much. >> yeah, it will be great. just tell anyone we would love to have anyone from the board to see what it means because you will love it. the community from different country of origin, different languages will be there. different organizations helping us. students like me, i'm not part of money this of them but i'm just here because i think this is a need in the community. >> commissioner mendoza? commissioner mendoza: thank you. so i actually had a brief conversation with her before she left. but the city is in motion on this. i think we were waiting to find out what the final instructions are going to be from the feds. i don't know if that has already come down or if we are prepared to address that. i know there was going to be a briefin
, now the state is imposing restrictions reporter linda yee on how to drivers will be happy and cities not so much. >>> caught on camera blowing through a red light and expensive fine can top $500, they say cameras don't lie but for derek gill they didn't five times >>> the license plate number one letter different >>> a computer glitch center the tickets and a lot is not make it easy to fight the fine. >>> technology can fail and does >>> state senator joseph an 80 and change the rules that is a victory for drivers make it easier to fight wrongfully issued tickets cities must locate the cameras based on safety it prohibits the use of red light cameras just to make money require warning signs and answered snits tickets when an innocent ticket recipient not be required to identify the actual driver who committed a violation >>> the new rules, put the brakes on red light cameras it is still considered a safety to all drivers will get a fair shake linda yee cbs 5 >>> it has the name fit for los angeles carmageddon last year the freeway closure turn out to be over high cruz warned this we
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 156 (some duplicates have been removed)